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Marketplace was by far the largest online retailer again in the Netherlands in 2018, according to the Twinkle 100. This yearly report on the Top 250 of B2C e-commerce companies in Holland was published last month. Like in 2017 and 2018, Coolblue (electronics and telecom) was the runner up, Albert Heijn (FMCG) took over rank 3 and pushed Zalando (Fashion & Sport) off the podium. Amazon ‘only’ came in #6.

According to the Twinkle 100, increased their online sales by an astonishing €420m in the past year to a total of € 1.64 bn. This mainly came from selling partners, who are offering their products on’s online platform. Without this strongly increasing share of third party revenues, runner up Coolblue, with € 1.0 bn in sales (+€ 116m to 2017), would have ended much closer to the market leader than is shown in the ranking now. With € 0.6 bn (+ € 85m to last year) the online revenues of the Dutch supermarket giant Albert Heijn have become really substantial in 2018.

This puts Albert Heijn in third place in the B2C e-commerce market, also due to the fact that Zalando’s sales in the Netherlands were estimated substantially lower in 2018, compared to 2017. Over 2018, € 0.55 bn in sales were reported, while over 2017 this was € 0.67 bn. No explanation is given for this remarkable decline.

Not only Albert Heijn is showing that the online market for food is growing strongly in Holland. Over 2018, 7 e-tailers in the Top 30 were active in food/foodservices (Jumbo, Picnic, Domino’s Pizza, Nespresso, HelloFresh, New York Pizza). Twinkle 100 reports total sales of almost €1.5 bn for these 7 in 2018, +27% more than the year before.

Amazon has a remarkable position in the Dutch e-commerce market. On the one hand, there is no dominant position, like in the other large online markets (rank 6, € 0.35 bn in revenues), on the other hand these revenues are made with minimum marketing efforts.

Here’s the Top 10 etailers in Holland in 2018 in million euro’s:

  1.                                     1.640                  Department store
  2. Coolblue                                    1.000                  Electronics & Telecom
  3. Albert Heijn                                0.565                  FMCG
  4. Zalando                                      0.550                 Fashion & Sport
  5. Wehkamp                                   0.530                 Department store
  6. Amazon                                      0.350                 Department store
  7. Learning Network                       0.268                 Media & entertainment
  8. Jumbo                                         0.265                 FMCG
  9. MediaMarkt                                 0.220                 Electronics & telecom
  10. H&M                                            0.215                 Fashion & sport

In total, the top 10 online merchants reached € 5.6 bn in online sales in 2018. Compared to last year’s Twinkle 100, this is an increase of 13%. Together, revenues ofall Top 250 online retailers were at € 11.4 bn in 2018. Compared to the total of € 13.14 bn in online product sales that were reported in the ‘Thuiswinkel Market Monitor 2018’, that was published by the Dutch trade organization for digital business,, together with GfK, this indicated that the Top 250 take 90% of the Dutch e-commerce market.

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