E-commerce in Holland offers strategic advice, hands-on operational support and permanent ‘eyes and ears’ in the market in one package. We operate in a network, with close connections to associated consultants and partners in all relevant business areas of online retail. This makes us a unique starting point for working with highly qualified e-commerce experts in the Dutch market. Working with E-Commerce in Holland gives you direct access to extensive market know how at flexible cost and has low impact on your internal organization, enabling a fast and low risk entry to the market.

E-commerce in Holland is a consultancy, specialised in cross border online retail to the Netherlands. We help international retailers to set up and grow a successful localized e-commerce operation in the Dutch market. We advise on strategy and operations and give permanent hands-on support where needed, enabling our clients to stay informed on market developments, competition and their own performance in the Netherlands. It is our mission to guide international retailers to success in the Dutch market. With cross border retail expected to grow rapidly over the next years, e-commerce offers a significant opportunity for faster and lower risk internationalization than ever before. Retailers will need to respond to that. The Dutch e-commerce market is known for its excellent physical and digital infrastructure, large opportunities and easy entry. E-commerce in Holland is there to guide and help you in establishing and growing a successful e-commerce operation in the Netherlands.

Why with us

  • We are the only specialised consultancy for cross border e-commerce to the Netherlands.
  • We offer extensive market know how, based on 25 years of experience in localized e-commerce in Holland (and Belgium) for international retailers including Otto Group and Neckermann.com. To date, we have adviced on numerous successful market entries.
  • We offer highly competitive rates and attractive packages at fixed prices.
  • We provide a one stop access to a network of experts in all business areas of e-commerce.
  • Some of our international customers in retail and fintech are: payolution, schecker.nl, otto.nl, lamineerhoezen24.nl and an online pharmacie from Belgium.

Ed Hensen (1962) founded E-Commerce in Holland 2014. With 25 years of experience as a manager and managing director for the Otto Group in Holland and Neckermann.com Benelux, Ed has a proven track record in mail order and e-commerce on a strategic level. During this time, Ed has aways been active in the Dutch Trade Organisation for homeshopping and e-commerce, Thuiswinkel.org. This enabled him to develop a broad overview of the market. he was directly involved in major developments and innovations in the online market, for instance in the area of payment methods (iDeal), consumer credit and trustmarks. As cross-border e-commerce expert, Ed has successfully worked on the strategy and market entry of numerous international (online) retailers.
The Dutch 'Thuiswinkel e-Academy' has acknowledged Ed as e-Academy Professional and recorded him in the e-Academy Professional Register.
Ed was born and raised in the Netherlands, is fluent in English and German, speaks French and has basic knowledge of Italian.

Peter van Laere (1960) joined E-Commerce Holland in 2015. With over 25 years of experience as a manager and managing director in the Neckermann.de Group in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, he is a highly qualified expert in European mail order and E-Commerce. Over the years, Peter has acted as a board member of the leading Dutch, Belgian and European E-Commerce Associations. This gives him an excellent overview of the entire online market in Europe and has made him an active participant in in major developments in the European area. Peter is an expert in Category management, Logistics and Customer Care. As a consultant and entrepreneur, Peter was involved in the start-up and development of several companies. He is co-founder of the Belgian Trustmark and Trade Association 'Safeshops'.

Peter is native Dutch, fluent in English and German and has basic knowledge of French.